French Yogurt Cake

Too much baking was done today. I was trying out my baking prowess with some new kit that I received at Christmas and New Years, the first baked item of 2014 is this beautiful french yogurt cake. My patisserie book, which happens to be in french, clearly stated that this was THE recipe for beginners. Patisserie books and I have different visions of beginners so it seems.

I was so nervous that I kept poking it. Curiosity kills the cat.

The orange syrup tastes lovely!

The basic recipe goes as follows. (Bear in mind that this is loosely translated in french)

one cup of yogurt natural
three cups of flour
eleven grams of baking powder
one orange
three large eggs
a pinch salt
two thirds of a cup of vegetable oil

How to:
1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. Sift the flower and the baking flour in a bowl.
3. Zest the orange.
4. In another bowl, mix the eggs, salt and sugar together until well combined with a mousse-y texture. Add the oil, yogurt and the zest. Finally at the flour. 
5. Work the batter till well combined.
6. Butter a round pan and pour mixture in pan and bake for about 30 minutes.

You can juice the orange as well, and with some sugar and water you can make a simple syrup that compliments the cake nicely. It also makes great toast too. 



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