Red Wine and Bubbly!

In the midst of a very fast paced festive season it is customary to drink good drink and eat good food. At least that is the case in my house hold. In any case, for many, the drink of the season is champagne or wine but what about something different? Behold a Ruby Cabernet with a difference. What difference you may ask? Sparkling Ruby Cabernet! Made from fruity Cabernet grapes, this drink has the tones and almost the texture of wine, and combines this nature with the lovely bubbles of champagne. To top it all off it's non alcoholic!  

Long story short it's basically fancy grape juice spritzed in a soda stream. 

Or as Maggie Beer politely puts it: 
"Made from the juice of Cabernet Grapes Sparkling Ruby Cabernet has the bead of Champagne and the mouth feel of a good wine. Delightful aromas of rose petal and crushed strawberries are complemented on the palate with green tea characters that finish crisp and dry with citrus and sour cherry flavours."

It really does smell like cherries and summer strawberries, a feature that really drew me in. Rather than sipping it, I was smelling it! It tastes amazing. The colour is divine, so many hues of red in one bottle. Try it out! You can also make lovely jellies and sauces out of it which is an added bonus. My only complaint is the bottle top, once opened it must be drunk in a relatively short period of time. Ah well, it's best enjoyed with friends. Find more about this lovely drink here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Festive Season and I hope you have a lovely new year!


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