Christmas Break and The Pox

These past few days have been eating, sleeping and chicken pox. Seriously. I have no photos and have not been out because my brother has been so sick over the Christmas period. I digress. Today however was a day full of shopping, or at least me carrying multiple bags from multiple department stores, so a slight haul may be on its way.

Here are some tips to prevent chicken pox.

1. Get vaccinated.
It's the best. Remember that prevention is better than cure thing? Well it's true. Getting vaccinated is the best prevention against chicken pox. However if you don't want to get vaccinated your best bet is to catch chicken pox between the ages of 6 - 12 years of age. Why? While adults are unlikely to catch the virus, chicken pox is detrimental in adult life and can lead to shingles. Similarly chicken pox should be avoided with newborns and young toddlers. On the bright side, catching chicken pox means that you'll be immune from it for the rest of your life. But better safe then sorry.

2. Rest.
Sleeping in makes sleeping easy. It's true, sleep may be for the weak but it does entail a strong immune system. This means a faster recovery and better prevention for multiple diseases and viruses.

But what happens if you do suddenly catch chicken pox?

1. Stay Home.
Quarantine yourself. Chicken pox is highly contagious, so keep it to yourself. Take the time to slow down and pretend that you're a badass superhero saving lives one chicken pox at a time. Rest up, you'll need the energy.

2. Drink Drink Drink.
Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Stock up on ice and have at least 7 glasses of water a day. As well as that, make sure you keep cool, the cooler you are the less itchy you'll be.

3. Cut those Nails
Pretty self explanatory. As well as keeping the nails short, invest in some Calamine cream to stop the itch and have some bicarbonate soda or oatmeal baths.

4. Keep Yourself Busy.
There's no use veging out on the couch, invest your time into some me time. Relax yourself and read a good book. Play some games. Do some lego. The list goes on. It's the little things that will keep you sain.
Apart though there is nothing to do but rest up. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and have a Happy New Year! I look forward to an amazing new year!

Photos are from the Flickr Commons Gallergy


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