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Hello, I am back. Alive and kicking. Today was a very momentous occasion. After 10 years I have officially cut my hair short. How short? Thirty-five centimeters short. This discussion not only marked the start of a new year, a new 'hair' decade, and my new found independence, it highlighted a part of myself that I wanted to preserve, nourish and stretch. I've always had long hair from the age of six, and so today was a step outside my comfort zone and into the murky depths that are confidence.

Why would a six year old keep her long hair? Subconsciously, it all started with a Snow White performance. I had a bob and I really wanted to be Snow White. Alas, I was not chosen, a lovely girl with long black locks was to be that princess. That was a huge blow to my non existent acting career. That aside, I was bullied because of my ethnicity and the way I learnt and often hid behind my shield that was my hair. Cutting my hair was not a style choice nor was it one of necessity but it was one that boosted my confidence. 

Do you remember the girl from "Legally Blonde", Elle Woods? There's a quote from that movie where the professors are discussing her and one of them says: "Do you think she woke up one morning and said: I think I'll go to law school today." Which is kind of what I did. Being the spontaneous person that I am, I don't really know why I did it, but I by product of that was confidence, and weight (carrying 35 cm is quite heavy) and happiness. I feel as if 2014 is going to be a good year, or at least one year that I don't let inundate me. 

Another by product of this is that I'm donating my hair to Pantene - Beautiful Lengths. Hopefully it'll make the grade and will be made into a beautiful wig for a cancer patient/survivor. If you would like to donate your hair go to It's a worthy cause. 

I know there's going to be a lot of talk. I'm known as the girl with long hair, but not anymore. I'm stupidly nervous about other people's reactions and I know people aren't going to like it. If I've made a mistake I can't go back on my word cause it's gone forever, but in time it will grow back. And I'd rather regret something that I did, rather than regret something that I didn't do. 

But now for the images! Each one plays a special part to this hair story.
I decided to play around with my hair for the very last time in a little while. Here are some memories. 
(Order from First Row, Top Left) 1. Here's me with my hair out, I don't normally do that. 2. There was a time where I abused the side pony and took really bad selfies. I still take really bad selfies but there will be no more side ponytails. 3. During my early highs chool years some of my friends and I used to tie our hair up like genies. 4. I once told someone that I could be Princess Leila. 5. For the most part of my school photos I have two plaits. Guess that's got to change. (Order from Second Row, Bottom Left) 6. Finally I had my big break in my year 6 play as the comic relief, wearing high pig tails of course! 7. Front or back? 8. How I look normally. 9. There will be no more top knots. 10. I'll just have to plait someone else's hair now... 

And this is how I look with short hair! To confidence and beyond! Don't forget to support beautiful lengths and donate your hair!


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