I have no excuse for the lack of posting for the first half of December. I'm somewhat ashamed. So I shall catch you up on a few things. 

Team Dinner
Team dinner of the my little team involved plenty of knives, stolen phones and bullying. Being the only coach there - bullying was a must, namely picking on me and giving myself multi-faceted personalities. The food was great. Nothing can beat a burger and salad fro Grill'd. Pomegranate and Goats Cheese is definitely a winner.

I also received a stack of heartfelt gifts from them. I will definitely cook that very expensive looking risotto rice and yes, your futures are all very very bright. I'd like to thank you all for making K and myself very welcome into the coaching sphere and making our first year really enjoyable. I hope that we both have imparted some sort of knowledge into your brains and have planted some seeds of success. Both K and I aim to instill morals and positive values into each and everyone of you, not only for the basketball court but beyond in your very very very successful lives. I hope that you will all look upon your first high school year with enjoyment and laugh at the good times you have had on and off the basketball court.

Operation Dresses

This story is mildly entertaining. Cue the sad violin music. We had one hour. And there were 18 dress shops. Commence my worse nightmare. It actually wasn't that bad, trying on dresses, spotting deals and talking to the sales assistants. 
I ended up buying a nice plain white dress from Pilgrim - titled 'Can't Stop Me'. It's a size 6 is really really nice and simple. No glittery bits or excessive amounts of skin. Just enough dress and perfect wall flower material. 

But apparently that wasn't good enough for mother dearest. 3 days later some more fabric appeared. This time black and very sparkly. From $299 to $69 I knew I couldn't say no, so now I have a lovely sparkly number in my closet, which shall gather dust until I'm 50.



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