Formal Times

So some people have wanted formal photos, and since this is kind of a diary of my life, I think I'm allowed to document this. Formal was a frustratingly fun waste of time. At least a good portion of the year had even more stress on it because of materialistic qualities for this one night. But soon I realized that it wasn't what you wore, if you had make up on or if you had a corsage - it was about having fun, an idea lost by many on that night. So here are a few tips for formalities, written by a child who doesn't like to party. 

1. Don't bother with your own camera. Someone will be there to take photos of you having fun. And it's one less thing to think about - because dresses don't have pockets. 

2. On the photo note, get to the photobooth early. But don't let it take over your life, so get it over and done with. 

3. After an hour of swooning over peoples' dresses, nobody cares what you wear. So you must learn to let go.

4. Don't spend your life in the bathroom. Life's more fruitful on the outside rather than in a tiled room. 

5. Go dress shopping early. And you'll never find the 'perfect' dress, so don't bother.

6. If you are going to take off your shoes, don't put them back on. They'll kill more. 

7. Don't sweat the small stuff. Not everything is going to be perfect. 



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