Duke of Ed Silver and Kayley's Bday Party

Quick catch up on my non existent life. Psht, who doesn't want to know?

1. Duke of Ed

Whatever anyone tells you, Duke of Ed is way better after it's done. We received all forms of weather down at the Hawksbury, sweltering 37 degree heat too ridiculously cold rainy nights. River walking, pack carrying and Disney singing at it's finest.

coordination for dinner

It also made it a great time to launch the coaches 2014 centenary Tee-shirts. Which are bright orange and totally rad.

As usual our group comes away with a totem animal, in this case it was the moose. This moose family will happily join the sheep herd. Thanks to Kay, Mon and Nana and our amazing leader Joel (honorary Frenchman.) Kudos to Leanne for the photos. 

2. Kayley's Bday

Never again shall I organise a surprsie birthday party. Too much stress. Though it was all worth it. A few cut fingers and glued feet later one puppy pinata stands before thee. Or at least it did... 

a very surprised birthday girl
But who could say it better than my good friend Joanne? I was never that eloquent... 

"Better buckle up, guys, it's story time.

So, coincidentally (or was it?), on the same day as formal last night (from which approximately 100 people are still recovering from), something amazing happened.

A certain one of my basketball-playing, skillful photo-shopping, How to Train Your Dragon theme whistling duet buddy friends marked their 5844th successful 24 hours alive and well upon the face of this Earth. Perhaps not that great a milestone when you put it that way (5844 is just such an ugly number...), but what can I say, we humans have a knack for fretting over trivialities.

And as all good friend groups do, a group of us chose to celebrate such an occasion by sweet talking her mother into abandoning her house for several hours to give way for more than just a few sugar-high teenagers to hijack their family back garden, strap a bright orange cardboard box of candy and a handful of ATTEMPTED 'colour coordinated' decorations to the gutter and 'hide' underneath a giant blue plastic sheet in the middle of the lawn for a while.

And it was just as amazing as it sounds.

So to mark this glorious day, I have a handful of... photographic memoirs to offer.

Hoping you had the time of your life, Kayley Chan, know that we tried our best :)

P.S: Special thanks to Jong and Lys ;) You guys are the bestest. Especially LC. I shall forever worship and envy your stepladder hijacking skills.

P.P.S: And the table cloth. Thank you for not flying away."

So hopefully this gave you some sort of insight into the past couple of days. More to come!


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