Flower Power!

I have not posted on this thing in a while. Guilty as charged. But I've been doing a whole lot of things and moving my tooshie away from the computer and in real life. September has been a whirlwind. A true spring fling. And with my birthday coming up - there is no plan in stopping.

But onwards! This is a bit late but, mother and I went into the city to see the David Jones flower exhibition! It was the last day, but Westfield do it every year so keep the first two weeks in September posted in your diary.

Orchids and other perinials spilled out of the displays in vibrant shades of pink, yellow and orange. A colourful entropy as flowers overtook the make up displays. 

all the flowers used in one scientific looking display

my beautiful mother and me

Don't worry, there will be more posts on their way, I just need to get myself back into blogging gear! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' and on here as well.



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