I haven't done these in a while now. Here is an update.

At this time yesterday, what were you doing?

Did you take a nap at all today?
no. sadly

Do you think that Lil Wayne is all that great?
not particularly

Did you drink any coffee today?

When’s the last time you wanted to cry?

Who is your favorite comedian?
you. no, monty python.

Are you falling in love with anyone?
eh? I guess...

Do you listen to Jesse McCartney?
no. Is he/she a boy or a girl?

What is the heaviest thing you carried today?
a sandwich.

Have you ever seen that Bon Qui Qui skit?
no....oh that one....

Have you ever thought about going to Culinary school?
In my dreams, but I really want to!

Which one of your friends is so cocky you almost can’t stand it?
Oliver or Aaron or some NSBs.

If out of the blue, someone asked you to sing a Madonna song, what would you sing?
I really don't know any of her songs.

Where haven’t you been that you miss going to?
many places I haven't discovered yet. Just escaping from the house.

Why, if at all, do you fear falling in love?
it’s just too much for me right now. CAN'T HANDLE IT. no really, I'm not fussed.

Can people tell what nationality you are just by your last name?
nope, I'm a cocktail kid ;)

Where’s the best place to get pizza from?
home sweet home.

Do you know what a cougar is?
rawr yes.

Are your nails painted any special color?
hopefully blue, soon.

And that is all <3


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I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

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