This was a long time coming but... know I can tell you the reason why I have been blogging less. A little while ago I had the amazing opportunity to facilitate and mentor with Ozgreen Youth Leading the World, an Australian organisation which aims to help the youth of Australia speak out and set up action in an environmental light. Over the course of three days, months of intense preparation was finally let loose and I had one of the most interesting and inspiring few days of my life so far.  
The lovely facilitation team 

So what did we actually do? The first day was dedicated to knowledge, getting to know the nine schools, breaking the ice and getting up to speed with climate change and recent global events - political, social, economic and environmental. 

Day two consisted of action planning and brainstorming. Amazing and realistic ideas were formulated by the students. It was great to watch them all grow and work together, united as one big group.   
And finally day Three consisted of finishing touches and presentations to the council and various other noteworthy associations. 

And as my dear fellow facilitator says:
 "Over the last 3 days, I was able to meet some of the most amazing people who make this congress special and I hope you were able to meet more than a few amazing people too. Keep in touch with them, they're your support, like a tree, you need a strong foundation and roots to make your action projects grow. These people are available for you to fall back on and will make your project branch out to new different places. You have all sown the seeds of your project, and I can't wait to see you leaf (leave) with new ideas and hope for the future! Turn over new leaves and mulch with the old ones. Spring into action and remember that you all the power of flowers  (hehehe enviro puns)" 

I hope everyone had a lovely time, strengthened bonds and met new lifelong friends. I look forward to seeing all of you as future environmental ambassadors in years to come.  


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