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I love Japanese food. I could eat it all day. Unfortunately neither my back pocket or my taste buds would appreciate that move, but I digress. Ippudo Sydney is hark back to street ramen and good street food. The atmosphere is really chic, not really like a normal ramen bar, but it works - I mean it's in a food court in Westfield CBD, what could be stranger. It has a really nice feel to it and the staff is super friendly and pretty fast as well. 

The food however is mixed. Their pork buns are amazing, they make them on site, so it depends who makes them but they are delish! The ramen soup, lacks some of the meaty depth and is a tad salty for my taste. It's quite pricey too $15 for just plain ramen without toppings (soy egg, been sprouts, chilli) depending on the combo and it can be a tad hit and miss.

This is a restaurant that you need to try, it might not be to your taste though, so keep that in mind, also be sure to make sure that this isn't your first ramen experience - it could put you off entirely.

you can see them make your meal if you choose to sit near the kitchens

Akamaru ramen (I think!)

seasonal spicy ramen special

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