Favourties Five

Heya! Another Favourites? Right now, apart from the fact that Spring is racing away from the clutches of my hands, I'm loving food (when am I not) and art. Let's get started!


I love sweets. I just love bread. Bread is a staple in our family, so it just goes without saying to make sweet bread! You can find a really nice recipe here: sacramentostreet. I am in love with the website as well.

If you love food and photography, have an oggle at food TYPOGRAPHY. It's a lovely blend of conventional typography and food styling and I'm so sad that I didn't think of it myself. http://foodtypography.com/


I'm not a jewelry kind of girl but I do love pins. They just add a splash of class - who could not want that? These 'feeling' pins are slightly sarcastic but hilarious. I can where what I feel on my sleeve and no one would notice. The prettiest! Find them here: feelings-banner-pin


This little artist is a genius, reminiscent of the silhouette cutters in the streets of Paris. Her works are amazing and I want to learn this skill. Her blog can be checked out here: mansillianasunday.blogspot.com.au

Things I want

I am a sock fanatic and a honorary cat fan, even though I'm allergic. So who could say no to cat socks? I couldn't. Meow! 

I recently went to France and have become obsessed with all things french. Sue me. If you love vintage finds, please paruse round this store: FrenchAtticFinds - you will not be disappointed.


This is a curious object. I wouldn't think of a balloon carpet but it strangely works. Rubbery in texture but visually appealing...Find more here: http://cargocollective.com/aliciabeck/balloon-rugs

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in ages. Please don't sue me.


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