Birthday Thanks

There are a few things that you should know about me.
1. I highly dislike chocolate cake.
2. I highly dislike attention.
3. I don't have a phone.

But on the sixteenth of October Two Thousand and Thirteen this all changed. Well apart from the second one. Here are my thanks to all you guys which I don't particularly want to post on facebook because that's not original :P and kind of embarrassing and I'm to lazy (sorry) to write thank you letters.

So here it goes!

Dear Kayley. Sheep. Why? I take that back. I don't want to know why. Thank you for being an amazing friend and always being supportive and awesome and organised. You truly are the better half of bp. I mean - writing my letter at like 1:15 in the morning!?!?!? It is borderline annoying (not really) of how thoughtful you are and how hilarious you are. I consistently wonder how on earth such an amazing human being is my friend...Oh the reason why she needs me is to remind her to put her retainer in.

P.S I don't appreciate being tackled :P

Hehehehehehheheheehe. Beccarrooo! I have a horrible feeling that you may be one of the people who were trying desperately to get me a phone. Oh dear. Thank you for always being there, being the glue of what is telepathy and being a very attractive looking rock that I desparately cling onto in an ocean of madness. I think even Brauner would be pleased with that metaphor simile thing. You're the best. And there are no words. Wait, there are, but I don't have them. 

Math Buddies 5ever! I can't believe that you bother to sit next to me in math - I am the closest thing to a failure. And yet you patiently tell me that no that isn't a 13, that's a B and yes this is a line not a parabola. And we share food. Need I say more?

If I could sell Muvvas in the supermarket it would be: instant party, just add water. You are an amazing ball of energy and your hand writing is so so neat and you are the sweetest thing. (and modest too...)

AHAHAHAHAHAHA Everytime I see you make me laugh. You amazing sporty child who is too modest for her own good. Thank you for laughing at my non existant jokes and being there for me to sleep on. So comfy.

Joanne N.
I'm seriously thinking that I'm a sadist. Or close too. But seriously you are a pretty great friend. Apart from making my life difficult, you put up with my antics, make me laugh, teach me how to speak english (and math and science and...the list goes on). You even bothered to make me cake! And you, my dear friend are the reason why I now am patial to chocolate cake. 

French Buddies! OH MY GOSH. Why do we even do French again? It's like an addictive poison in a bottle. Thank you for being there for me in my rather creative out busts and being a shoulder to cry one you are the best.

Gurl. Thank you for your lovely card, I do appreciate your nut cartoons. Thank you for being my vent diary and allowing me to be your mirror, your photographer, your dress critic and your friend. One day we will collaborate and be amazing tea buddies! 

Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap, Sorry I couldn't help it. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY and thank you for being as wize as an owl, as patient as the sky and as lovely as a Nana. Get ready for a gift not nearly as good or as lovely as yours. 

Jess Cong
Sometimes I have the urge to murder you. Seriously. Still, you are an amazing human being who I am, despite your romantic tendencies, honored and happy to be a friend with. Get some sleep and be ready for payback...

Jess D.
See next letter.  


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