Birthday Musings

Good morning!
Yes, I know, long time no blog, becoming a legal adult is quite stressful. So here's a quick bday catch up. (mainly for my benefit because I need to remember all the wonderful memories my friends plant into my head.)

 Wednesday was incredible. Apart from being publicly embarrassed I was slaughtered with cards and gifts but most importantly friends. Some old, some new I had a great opportunity to catch up with the masses. It was great fun. 

The evening was a blast with dinner at home with the family - all my favourite dishes (not really, just some of)  on one table! Dream come true!

The birthday cake was the same every year - gelato cake. This year it was Chocolate and Strawberry sorbet! I normally highly dislike chocolate flavoured things but the cake was absolutely lovely. 

Saturday was hilarious. From Tony Stark to Pandas, Sponge Bob to 50's gal they all flocked to the botanical gardens, and we ate too much food. It was good escapism on a nice hot Spring day. I've never had a princess or a fairy party before, so for the sake of my maturity I thought I should have one.


Now before you people go off your rockers, I'd like to say that I didn't ask for anything, but they still decided to be annoying and give me presents and make me feel completely and utterly adequate about my existence. Here are some of my more interesting presents which don't have inside jokes attached to them left right and center.  

I received a lovely set of push pops from my family. Wheel and Barrow also has the sweetest wrapping. I can't wait to make heaps of treats for my little bro!

One of my friends got me this lovely gift. I do appreciate the marriage of food and socks. And it says pulp kitchen which is hilarious.

Once again, thank you to all those who celebrated my birthday, I've loved every single second of it. Looking forward to the next year together as a great big family.


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