Designer Spotlight: Apopsis

A little while ago I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Sofia, the designer behind the etsy brand - Apopsis.  

How would you define your personal style and how did you come up with the name Apopsis? (It's a very creative name)

My personal style is an extention of who I am. I enjoy artistic, colourful, unique and timeless pieces that are at the same time comfortable, elegant and stand out at first glance. I surely love to express my momentary inspiration and restless mind on art work. Every piece is often a reflection of my feelings. While often patterns may be effortless and versatile, they definitely do tell a story. 
I strongly believe that personal style is just that personal, that you can choose to share with others.
In a world dominated by mass produced items, I choose to express “my Apopsis”; my point of view in my native language, Greek.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
The wealth of nature is the ultimate gift and inspiration to me. Finding the potential of each material and turning it in a unique piece of art is my driving force. Anything that surrounds me; everyday life, people, objects, buildings, magazines, art, and other designers’ work too,a piece of paper, a dried leaf, a driftwood, a pebble they all can light a sparkle of inspiration. When I see and touch a soulless object, a spare piece of fabric, even old magazines, I do treat them with respect and reconsider their potential in order to give them a new form of life. It is, also, like a game; fun, creative and brain stimulating.

What was the first object that you ever created?
As far as I can recall it was a black and white collage which I deeply love. Even today, when I look at it I find it absolutely beautiful.

Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a handbag. (include how long it takes, materials etc. etc)
Each Apopsis bag is individually handmade exclusively by me using high quality designers’ jute, burlap, cotton fabrics, recycled and new denim, felt and beads, infusing it with my passion. 
They are cut and sewn one at a time, never mass- produced. Fabrics are always in limited quantities in order to be renewed and keep things fresh and new. I closely follow the trends, styles, colors, but more importantly, my instinct.
They are lined with cotton fabric decorated with cotton ribbon and tailors’ interfacing is used to give them some structure and stability, making them very sturdy 
Its very important that handle straps are wide enough in order to be elegant but at the same time not hurting and be stable on the shoulder under all circumstances when you carry heavy staff.
Each piece of pattern of felt is cut , appliquéd and afterwards embroidered in detail with DMC embroidery floss by hand only
The average time for sewing, appliquéd and embroider of each bag is at least 8 hours.
All are unique, one of a kind and are one out of one.

Is there a current work/piece that you are most proud of?
All of them are works of art and very special to me . I could not choose as each one has a different character.. I am proud for all of them. When I see them all together and recall the effort and work that each one of them has had in order to be created, it is difficult to pick out which is best. Always believe that it will be next one.

What advice do you have for aspiring designers?
Honestly, there is no much to tell; just follow their instinct and inspiration and feel happy. To create when they feel ready and have the inspiration to do so. Never present a work unless they are quite satisfied with the result themselves first and foremost. Last, but not least, I don’t think that it is wise to ask everybody if they like and approve their work. They definitely cannot satisfy everybody’s taste. 
Above all, remember, a real artist is always the innovator and never the follower.
Thus, designers as artists should propose, express their own Apopsis.

As a designer, where do you see yourself in 2015?
Hard so say! My main quest is to constantly evolve and improve my work. Always remain on top of my game and further develop what I have achieved so far. I would like to establish collaboration with Anthropologie; a shop dear to me that I admire and feel that we our perspectives about fashion and well- being coincide. I have also an ambitious business plan for the coming years that I work really hard on it in order to give Apopsis a holistic dimension and create a universe.

Still, it is pure joy to me when something I have made is cherished as someone’s favorite thing. I believe that the owner will feel the positive vibes, have more joy and radiate this to those they come in contact with, and that the magic of the deep woods will continue . 
My ultimate desire is that my work makes those who choose to carry it happy.

To learn more about Apopsis designs go to the website here: myapopsis and her etsy shop here: Apopsis!


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