Fruit Salad!

What do you get when you cross parties and allergic birthday girls? Birthday cake SALAD STYLE! Seriously, this baby is almost as tasty as a cake - sans les calories and the sugar (a little bit of French right there). This is great for people with allergies, are health conscience, (goodness forgive) don't appreciate cake or just love fruit!

To make this watermelon salad:

1 whole watermelon seedless
4 apples
Other fruit if you want more bang for your buck

Clean bench
Melon baller
2 Bowls

How to:
1. Slice the melon in half as evenly as possible. Choose the flattest, most stable piece as your watermelon bowl. Set the other aside.
2. Start melon balling out the flesh. Place these in the bowl.
3. Once you are half way, pour the juice into the jug/cup. Save this for a dressing or to drink!
4. Continue melon balling.
5. Once you've melon balled the flesh, with a knife clean out your bowl so that only the white of the melon is showing - no more pink. Pour rest of the juice out
6. Chop your apples or other fruit how ever chunky you like. 
7. Place the apple/fruit pieces back into the melon bowl along with the melon spheres.
8. Toss until combined. 
9. Enjoy!



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