Dinner Celebrations: New Shanghai

So a few days ago, we had a general celebration for my brother - because, well, who doesn't want to treat themselves? New Shanghai is a fine Asian restaurant that we frequent regularly - and when I mean regularly I mean regularly (there was a period of time in which that was all we ate) and the quality never fails. In a nutshell - the dumplings are fresh and hot - steamed or fried to your choosing, your tea is served at a drinkable temperature and the vegetables are actually edible. On top of that, they take you back into Little (asian) Paris, with cobblestone floor, red flags, wicker baskets and bicycles.  

The service is reasonable and there is a line, but it's worth the wait and won't murder you're wallet. I've had nearly everything on the menu and it's satisfactory. My only gripe is the fact that some of the flavours have been dialed back a bit to cater for a wider audience, and some of the ingredients are missing (chili where are you?) but that's it. If you like Asian food, atmosphere and a good time, you will love this place


one of the winter specials - tofu and mushrooms aka why can't I have you everyday?

pork and chive dumplings - a staple

classic pan fried pork dumplings

fresh Xiao Long Bao

pork and rice cake stirfry

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