Favourites Four!

Well here it is guys! Favourites 4. Long time coming too... so let's get started!

Favourite Etsy Article
These are so cute. Chuck a few daisies in them and they'll be so pretty! I love the contrast of the brown and cream. etsy

Things to buy/I wish I could buy
I may or may not have a love affair with socks. I can even by pass the fact that they are mostly pink. Why? Because I love watermelons. Buy the pattern at this site here: yep, right here.

Have you gone to do your laundry but then get that MASSIVE mind blank? Is it the soap of the stain remover? Whites with what? Or maybe your just a stereotypical guy. For mind blanks and men. A step by step guide to do your washing. And who said it couldn't be pretty too! You can download it here!

Funky Gadgets: Instagram+
I'm not one to instagram, but many of my friends do so this would be a perfect gift for them. It's a projector for your Instagram photos. There's one difference - it's tiny! It fits into the palm of you hand and you can take it where ever you go. It's mixing old school with new school technology. It costs about $36, but with free shipping. Go check it out at: getprojecteo.com


Monica Ramos is an illustrator with quirk. She designs lovely items and draws sassy water colours on her opinion and social commentary on the world around her. Check out her work! 

That's all for this Thursday!


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