So recently I have been suffering from insomnia, and like most people I like my sleep and become incredibly grouchy when I don't get enough of it. 

But Elysee, that's a really big word! What is it?
Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Now, it's not BAD, it's not good. Imagine that you've had an exhausting day and your really really tired, but there's an itch that's actually not itchy on the part of your back that you can't reach, but you still try and so you toss and turn, keeping yourself awake. This makes you a horrible potato the next day and the cycle continues. 

that was going to be an alliteration.

Here are a few natural, lazy girl ways to beat the (lack of) sleep!

1. Relax
Easy to say, hard to do. Take a short warm bath, read a good book, stretch, sit in a fancy massage chair. Relaxing is all in the mind, if you don't have a positive attitude to getting better there is no way you're going to improve.

2. Caffeine
NO. Restraint. No coffee before bed. Or tobacco. Or fizzy drink. Or chocolate. The chemicals don't mix well. If you need a sugar hit have some frozen berries instead. If you need a drink have tea!

3. Bed
Invest in a good firm bed with support. This way you won't destroy your back and you'll have a better night sleep. Sleep on your back or sides. Don't go belly down.

4. Get Up!
If you can't sleep then GET UP! Do something! There's no point in moping in bed. This will make you MORE TIRED and MORE GRUMPY, destroying your day.

5. Time 
Even though you can't get to sleep, set a regular sleep pattern and stick to it. Your body will soon get used to this pattern and the habit will set in. Think early nights and early mornings.

6. Technology
Tech is good, but give your eyes a rest. Put your phone in a drawer and your laptop out of your room or far away. TURN THINGS OFF. You'll survive, and your body will thank you for it.

So that's it! Of course there are many more, but here are some good ones. And why aren't I sleeping you may ask? Subject selections, family and homework.


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