Melbourne Shopping

I don't really like shopping, I'm not to crash hot at it. But in Australia's shopping capital one must at least spend half a day traversing its streets. Here is what I bought. The photography gets significantly worse as the list goes down.

pencil case made of tyre from Oxfam, handmade in Sri Lanka $20

circle skirt from cotton on $10

Striped jumper from Just Jeans $15

fancay organic recycled cotton socks from USA, they cost 20 bucks - don't shoot me, I just spent 20 bucks on a pair of socks...

I also bought a pair of light blue water colour jeans from jeans west. I like the jeans the best :D I also bought a scarf, well my mum bought it, gave it to me because she bought another one, and now has taken it back... And I didn't buy THAT MUCH. Seriously. 


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