Queen Victoria Market

Just go straight to the food/delicatessen section. The souvenir/clothes sites are a tad iffy, the vegetables and fruit are cheeeaaaaaapppp and organic - but who wants to cook on holiday? The meat is dirt cheap and amazing quality but the food in the delicatessen is to die for. Well most of it is.

Pizza, made Pizza by Nature is really good (although the bottom was a tad caramelized). We had a beetroot base, which had a lovely aroma to it, and didn't have that weird cooked beetroot taste. Also had the classic mushroom and pepperoni capri, which had a white base and had lovely gooey stringy cheese. Had a slice of Germany with a Bratwurst Shop & Co. sausage. These are a local hit and are really good, so go check them out. And go early cause they sell out real quick too.

pizza with a beetroot base

normal mushroom and pepperoni pizza, gluten free base

nommy german sausage 

nice close up of moi <3

Tips for Navigating the Queen Victoria Market
1. Check the website. It's not open on Mondays and Wednesdays, and there is a night market as well
2. On that same website check out the stalls, quite a few of them are irrelevant and instead of walking through the cheap Chinese toys and tacky vinyl jackets, get straight to the stuff you want to see
3. Wear strong sturdy shoes
4. Making this a half day, or at least a whole day affair is necessary
5. If you are going to split up, have a meeting point! It goes over two large city blocks, or 2.5 hectares or something, so it is LARGE.
6. The bathroom sinks are knee operated. Enough said.

To check out my food find them here and here


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