Which Brew Are You?

Many of you, or not many of you know how much I love my tea. And I love a wide, wide selection of it. Tea is officially my life. I must drink at least three cups of it at regular intervals. It's like a default thirst setting for my body. Thirsty? Screw water, drink tea. Don't get me wrong, I love my water, but there is something truly amazing, relaxing and invigorating about tea and its process.
Yes, I know, I am strange.

So which brew are you? T2, an Australian (I do believe) has their new campaign out - and it's really cute. A bit of tumblr, etsy and blogger combined. My dream come true.

Its basically a personality test for tea! Amazing? I thought so too. Personally I think I'm a nature lover with a rebel tea brewing style with a teapot in the style of minimalism. Definitely not a romantic, but I do love reading books...and I'm hardly a visionary.

Do tell me what's your personality in the comments below, or check out T2's website here: http://t2tea.com/library/t2-promotions/which-brew-are-you/shop-by-personality/


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