Because I procrastinate, I find some pretty cool things on the net. Just putting it out there. For music I have found these two websites.

Website One: Stereodose
This is pretty strange and I don't like all the music on this but it has a pretty cool system. Choose your drug of choice, then pick a snazzay mood and generate a rad playlist. It can be pretty hit and miss, but when you score the music's great!
I am not advocating for drugs, I'm advocating for the music style (regardless of drugs) and the creative website design.

Website Two: Ze Neverending Playlist

I included the 'Ze' cause my hands are frozen and they cannot move. This is from the partners of Spotify and Vevo and Twitter...(I think) and they do music really well. Working with YouTube and other sites, they make a playlist of the artist that you chuck into the search box. This means that you can listen to what ever you want to your hearts content and they have this really cool fade in fade out kind of thing.
Basically it just makes music listening easier for the lazy girl with frozen fingers. I love it. Check it out! You may or may not regret it...


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