Hectic Week (Days Actually)

Self inflicted tiredness. Is good. Which also makes me sleepy. But no one needs to know about it...OK. Let's list this thing!

Senior Dance
I'm not a dancing type of person. At all. Cause I've never gotten into these sorts of things. I just went to fend off boys for some off my friends. But in the end I had a lot of fun. Yaz and I dressed in matching overalls and I crashed Bec's place, watching her get frazzled as she got ready. #perksofbeinglazyandbeingapoorexcuseofagirl.
So Yazzy and I were like: If we're here, we might as well go crazy...and that we did. Enough said. Definitely a night to remember. Oh and I got hit on for the first time (very scary) and caught up with a bunch of people and drank 4 cups of tea. 
Photos kindly poached from SRC.
bodies everywhere!

the lights!

90's rave

Athletics Carnival
The day after we had an amazing carnival! I raced in as many races as possible, cause I didn't want to get to zone and became very, very sore. Came third in high jump, 6cm off PB. And our house came first! That's never happened before. Ever. HORRAY!

Musical Tech Rehearsal 
Had a musical tech rehearsal. "INTO THE LIGHT! INTO THE LIGHT! STEP INTO THE DAMN LIGHT" For dinner - cold pizza and sprite. Don't forget soggy garlic bread. And yes the mics ARE on and no, we can't turn them louder, and yes they do cut out because our speakers are that bad. AND YES you won't be able to hear them cause you're in a dead spot and NO you cannot have my pizza and NO we are not magic makers...


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