Dumpling House

Went to Dumpling House Down Willoughby, a tiny little restaurant  with high bar stools and fake brick wall paper. Taiwanese style that's close to my heart. Good hawker style food with a tad over priced price tag. That's what you get for top notch pork dumplings I guess.

Lucky eight was our number, next to an orchid which was surprisingly not fake. Their menu is so small it can fit on a black board. It has a really nice atmosphere and is wheel chair friendly, which is always a plus.

The shallot pancake is a bit of a ripoff but nice all the same but the spicy beef brisket in noodle soup is something that you should go for. The meat is quite tender and the noodles are cooked well.

I think this is a free entree, because we didn't order it. It's tofu in a spicy 5 spice sauce with kelp and seaweed. Now this seaweed is the real deal. None of that stringy over coloured sweet stuff. This seaweed is thick and leathery, some might not like it. 

The pork and chive steamed dumplings are by far the best of the dumplings that they have to offer. These were fresh and seasoned to perfection and have a real home made flavour - Delish!

I would defiantly go back again, but to be honest it's not a place where you can happily tuck in on your own. It's a group thing but the seating's kind of awkward for a group bigger than four. And they only take cash too. Having said that it's kid friendly, B.Y.O and you have lovely service. 

Another tick off my foodie list.

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