I'm a Cultured, Fit and Sore Child

Why hello there...
Hey. Ok enough of that awkwardness, only uncultured chicks are awkward. And yes I'm a awkward chick. OK...I can be awkward. Now that's over. I have become cultured. Or on my way to. Which is good right? Yes? I think too.
Saturday bike ride to the local shops. Shared a Champagne magnum with bro. Tasted like alcohol. Hmmm.

So on Sunday I went to the posh Lyric theater on the posh side of town, to watch War Horse. To become cultured. It was amazing. Amazing FX and visuals and the food was amazingly overpriced. I may or may not have shed a few tears at the end. And the art style! To die for. And the acting. *squeal* British accents have never sounded so appealing.

Did I tell you that I also had my hair out as well? MIRACLE! Everyone rejoice! Yes? No? Okay. Then we met up with the boys and had a very cultured dinner of KFC...very cultured indeed. I had a lovely time and everything was peaceful and no one cried, was hurt and we all had an amazing time. <3

I'll talk about bball camp later. It deserves it's own post. <3 For now, revel in the images of my lovely long locks...or not.


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