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Haven't been posting for a while.
I'm sick. Very sick, both mentally and physically. Everyday, all day I get headaches. I can't move, eat, sleep, talk, think. It sucks. Two weeks now. Throb. Throb. Throb. My friends look like I'm a doing drugs with panadol again. I'm practically dependent on it.

I'm scared to post this. I don't know who will read it. I'm scared. I'm too afraid to post on the S.I.C wall, cause I know I'll get hate. Even though I feel safe, I don't want to open up to some people who are in S.I.C. I'm not like that.

I'm going to the doctor soon. I like to think. :D

I'm sorry I'm going to be a grouchy b****, but please bare with me. I'm sorry. <3 

Please pray for me. Or talk to me. I wish someone could make me smile.
Should I post this on S.I.C? 


We had coed day. Boring at first then pretty fun, Joanne and I rock at Mega bucks and Daniel is the BEST at music. SPICKS AND SPECKS! Max <3's Bec. Bec = pinnacle of denial! 
Love is in the air, do do do do do do
I speculate, but I think I'm right. Jess agrees with me. :D



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