I have a stunning headache that it's not even funny. It hurts so bad. Having said that, though WE WON SEMI's! Yes! We played so well it was really surprising. I thought we would lose by a mile, but we didn't we had a really intense D&M before hand and we really pushed ourselves to do better than before. Kayley really shone and Nana played point (unintentionally) but we worked together, TOGETHER! And Annie played middle and Sally dribbled, Mary shot high and got heaps of rebounds.
It was an intense play but it was one of the most enjoyable games I have every played. We kind of lost the intensity in the second half, but we pushed on really hard. Chrissie was cool, enough said.
Then Chrissi and I were dumped at Willo and we benched a few games. Oh, Spuds won the Jedi and Spud game.
So low scoring
But at least more entertaining than the game that I was benching! I could eat dinner, do the paper and do the ELECTRONIC one all by myself! That shouldn't be possible!
Oh and I told Chrissie that she got best & fairest, and she was so happy, she cried. <3
I know have a massive headache and I'm going to sleep. Dad's hurt his back and we're forcing him to go to the doctor. Men, sp stubborn sometimes. So stubborn!
Can't wait for bball dinner, we can have slushies after and party all night and we get TROPHIES! They're so pretty, I love them, and HEAVY.
I haven't finished my RAP. I'm screwed.    


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