I have some positive news YAY! Caught up with bestie and we went to my brothers play - Robin Hood the Prince of Leaves. Our's was so much better - Yr 5 2008! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Tompom was the cutest sheriff ever. Shared a chatime at chatswood and saw Tina with her boyfriends <3

Missed HEAPS of school, doing extra curricular stuff, orientation day, drama night, OzGreen, sound and lighting. SO BUSY!

Have to prepare for Yr 10 SRP. I need a good mark. Otherwize I'll be dead. I have to be good at SOMETHING.

FINISHED (c)RAP! I'm so happy! I'm pretty sure I didn't get in but who gives! I can now laugh at all the finalists while they battle for the honour of most 'holistic' child. 

Had a speaker in S.I.C. Her name was Summer and she was really inspirational, I now know where Steph got her awesomeness from.

Lost finals, loads of tears, BY THREE POINTS. *sigh* There's always next year. If I have a team that is...


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