Sometimes I'm really miserable whilst others I'm just plane crazy. Right now I feel somewhat depressed. I don't know why. Sigh. I have a few things to do; high resolves, English dramatic reading, and English wide reading. I should really get those things done.

Sometimes I wish I was famous. Actually I don't I just felt like saying that. I wish I didn't procrastinate so much. :D

On Friday it was NANANANA's bday. Shout out to her :D 

that's me right there...

Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse.... OK good bye.

That is all


  1. Sometimes I wish people would comment...
    I guess it's too much to ask for. Nevermind



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I am a girl, last time I checked. I love food, friends and family and sports that involve orange balls with lines with back boards. I'm arty and have a hate-hate relationship with math.
I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

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