The Great North Walk was APPARENTLY, not going to be that bad...

What can I say?
Sore hips and aching bodies? Nah, to melodramatic. Riddles and Walking on thin air {for bec anyway}? Nah, too mysterious. Obnoxious laughter, educated guessing and funny faces by our leader Dee? Of course not. Amazing food concoctions of pasta, trail mix, instant noodles and packet meals? Nah, too cheffy. Full of hills and hills and hills...too boring.   

The thing is, our walk was all of this. Our competitive spirit was fueled by overtaking other teams, who could finish their route plan first {Bec and I win on this occasion} and who could put one foot in front of the other faster. Our companianship/innovation, dare I say that word, was displayed with cramps, cramps, sprained wrists and headaches, cheering and encouraging each other on. While our practical reading skills may be lacking {as well as our lack of spoons} Team Awsome {Also known as team 2, team 3rd last, Dee's kids, Dee's weird kids and magic numbers} were willing to have a go and get very, very lost.   Thanks to Dee for keeping us on the right track and sharing her experience. {Spesh?}, Dee's friend, for sharing her stupid riddles about enclosed rooms and Michelle {Michel?} for calling us the "weird telepathic group that does **** with numbers".  

Ice gel and trail mix were a life savers, as well as Jackie and Queenie's constant stream of food and Ally's fast pace. Maddie's timing was perfect and Mon's navigational skills never questioned... {*cough* *cough*} as well as Kayley and Keerthi's decisions. Lucy and Chrissie were the riddlers of the bunch,Anita's quiet chatter keeping us all sain. Bec and I partied at the 'rear', making sure no one died and everyone ended up in one piece.  We all worked together as a team, made it to the campsite in one piece and had an awesome time :D    

That is all


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