Dear everyone who just happens to read this. Today is my birthday. Now I feel old. I was also told that this is was prime child bearing time in science, the awkward moment when everyone turns to stare at me with dodgy eyes... anyway.

Thankyou for all wishing me happy oldiness day, I do apreciate your love. In fact this is probably the most love I have gotten on a Bday besides age 0 {pretty obvious}, age 5 {when I had a massive party with EVERYONE and someone popped my giant jumping castle} and age 11/12 {when I had a party at Manly and it was 41 degrees}.

So, if you haven't realised, this is a recount of my day. It all started at six thirty. Being to excited I woke up too early and it was too bright. DAMN. I had breakfast, my bro was actually being civil for once, chopped up a brownie and went to the bus stop. THE BUST CAME EARLY.

BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER. Kidding. The bus driver was heaps nice and joked about how the brownie was his morning tea etc. etc. etc. Got to school. Worked. The END.



But now I need to say my thanks.

To Phia:
thanks for you really stupid, really big hug, where you broke your back and Mon Mon had to fix you up. Thanks for singing in class {you NEARLY made me cry again D:}

To Joanne:
For telling me inappropriate jokes and making me laugh when I was about to cry. How many tongue jokes can you make in the space of 15 minutes

To Mo:
Thanks for keeping me 'forever alone'. With out you I'd be.....

To Tina:
thanks for making me cry this morning, you and nana were so cute! I mean, I was right in front of you and I was sitting NEXT TO JULIE, but no, you have to ask Julie instead of talking to my face. Your card made me cry AGAIN. My arm thanks you for the graffiti.

To Kayley:
thanks for being just pure awesome.

To Muvva:
I love you too.

To Debbie:
I am not old or wrinkly or ancient or smart. I should be telling that to you :D

To Mon:
Thankyou for looking after Phia. She doesn't deserve you.

To Julie:
Thanks for comforting me when I cried {TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT!!!} and giving me huge hugs

To Annie:
Thanks for using your creative juices and making my card {that I haven't given you} look really bad.

To Becaroo:
For giving me a massive smosh hug.

To Jackie:
Tanks For also being pure awesome as well as being heaps thoughtful and kind and there for me and creative and yeah....

To Nana:
Thankyou for remembering. I've always wanted one of those! I can't believe that you still remember that from year 8. I can't believe you want me to make you a recycled card.....

To all the people who sang Happy Bday to me at recess:

To Nicole:
Happy Birthday

To Chrissie:
For being a ditz. Seriously, whose birthday is it today?

To Anna:
For finishing off the brownie in style.

To JessD:
Thanks. Ya. Enough said.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE: Thanks for the well wishes, happy un birthday to you all.

That is all


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