Luna Park :D

Guess what?
We went to Luna Park!
For a MATH excursion.

Now, one might wonder what Luna Park has to do with math. Apparently, the worksheet explains, 'this is an excellent excursion to expand one's knowledge on applied mathematics'. I totally forgot about the worksheet. But I know I have been on more rides today that my whole life... (because I CAN count on my fingers).

I went on the wild mouse, tango train (my favourite), tumble bug, space spider thing-o and finally the ROTOR. Never again will I go on that thing. That's enough centrifugal force, gravity and velocity for my lifetime. Thank you Keerthi for that experience.

After that we had basketball celebration! Hooray! Amy Stripey Sox and I managed games and handed out basketballs to winners. Then we had 'free' food, which was basically pizza and poppers. It was really fun.

Photos to come of bball.
That is all


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