The Apprentice

Nothing much happened today. I take that back. Only one large and important thing happened today. That was the Apprentice. He he he, the name just sounds so cool! The Apprentice is all about working under pressure to create something magical! We had to make an advertisement on the BENEFITS OF BULLYING. Benefits of bullying you ask? Yep, what a strange topic. It was really stressful but after we finished, I felt that weird sensation of feeling delirious.

We made an awesome movie and it was really funny and we were all screaming with laughter cause Q.F and Keerthi are too cute and funny. Delilah is officially the BEST movie editor in the world and the second best actor (cause Keerthi is the best). You also make a terrible bully. Charlotte is the BEST camera woman because she just is but I wish she would stop saying 'I'm so useless'. Because you're not! Q.F was the awesome side kick ever! I officially know what collars a for now.... And Erica? Hand over that lunch money.

That is all

Congrats B.F on telling everyone!


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