Hi. I'd like to tell you about my day. Cause I can. Spent the first two periods annoying the touch football teacher. Don't think he appreciated that. Within that time I made a tee-pee, sang 'you are my sunshine', 'misery' and 'what makes you beautiful'. Was also very energized...not. Third period was art. Messed up my scratch board. I didn't get a mark in my VA book, BUT I got lots of ticks. I think that's good. Ate a chocolate chip muffin. Last two periods was sports assembly. Last yr by bball team was a tooth whitening shop, this year it's a lighting shop...can't they get it right?!?

Then took the bus, and complained to my fellows about how annoying one direction is. I guess I jealous, blame it on the pouring rain. Rain makes me jealous. Saw a girl sitting on the other 4-seater. She's crying. What!?! She's crying? She wasn't doing that last time I looked over. I turns out that she missed her stop and she didn't know where she was. So as diligent people, we stopped the bus, gave her a phone and helped her calm down. Then we waited with her till her dad came and he was all like 'Thank you, Thank you'. They were a really nice bunch of people and that made my day. She played the cornet and is really sweet.

Sorry if I bored you.

That is all


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I am a girl, last time I checked. I love food, friends and family and sports that involve orange balls with lines with back boards. I'm arty and have a hate-hate relationship with math.
I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

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