Why We All Love Swedish Design

I'm between two minds about Kikki.K. Swedish design is clean cut and crisp and up my alley but Kikki.K seems so generic, impersonal and bland. This year's theme is spots and pink so maybe I'm just a little peeved. What I can't be peeved is their Stockholm Collection. It is the prettiest. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for leather satchels, but whatever it is, I'm loving it. 

Their compendiums are the most stylish. I love their size and thickness. It fits an Ipad mini and has cute little secret pockets. The lining is tri-coloured and contrasts subtly with the tan so well. Don't get me started on the paper. In true Swedish fashion the paper is to die for. Another lovely piece is their classic black bag, which is, unlike fleeting polka dots and shades of pink - timeless. An understated functional (please note the word functional) bag with all the essentials, padded with a laptop compartment and leather is everywhere. The gold zippers add just the right amount of sparkle. I like understated sparkles - sue me. Besides, there is something magical about black and gold objects.

Have I convinced you that this collection is gorgeous? It satisfies my leather cravings through and through. So for once, I'm going to overlook the pink and the polka dots, the sticky notes that are too pretty to use and the strange stamps - I officially want the whole Stockholm Collection. On special. Now. 
You an find their pretty (expensive) goods here at www.kikki-k.com.


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