Coffee and Creativity are scientifically proven to hand in hand. And by scientifically I mean not really... but the people behind Coffitivity are doing just that, putting coffee and creativity hand in hand. The idea is supported by the research that it is difficult to be creativity productive in a silent area, but residing in a loud area is distracting and frustrating - so why not have both?

It's surprisingly soothing, I am really and happily surprised, my favourite background noise being the 'morning murmur'. It is, however, not to crash hot for math or science as I discovered the hard way. And the loop doesn't fade so it is rather disturbing as it loops, stills to quiet and then loops again. They have various apps for mobile devices as well as a desktop app for mac, including Hush, the cutest puppy who will silence your mac notifications for you!

Find them here: and try the soothing sounds of a coffee parlor for yourself - or get out and go buy a coffee.   


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