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So on my trip I decided to treat my friend and I to a quick snack down Darlinghurst way. Mr Crackles spotted our eye and we headed over to calm our munchies. And calm our munchies it did. Mr Crackles is definitely not for the dieting, health limited (high cholesterol ) or the vegetarian. If you're game though, it's food is amazing.

We shared the Crackles Classic sandwich. It was great. A true porkgasm. The pork is so sweet and tender and the crackling is the right kind of fatty, salty and crackly. They also pile on the Vietnamese salad, and encase this in a crusty baguette style roll and douse with mayonnaise and it's almost heaven.

The atmosphere is quite nice, but be warned it's situated in a dodgey part of town so be careful. There are also a load of guys their so don't be alarmed if you get stared down - it's a man's 'eating paradise'. Services is a tad slow, but they make up for it with the amazing crackling.  

You can order with extra crackling if you're feeling extra crunchy/want to but on some more calories, or you can pile on those veggies. They even have a sandwich dubbed the 'manwhich' which consists of half the vegies and double the meat! They even have crackling fries. 

If you're in the area this is a definite try, but don't complain when you feel bloated and slightly ill from all the fat you've just consumed. Also take some water to wash it all down.  

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