A while a go I made my friend some bunting to jazz up her new room. Here are some nice pictures and how to make them!

You will need:
Isosceles Triangle Template (Two 19cm sides, one 17 cm side)
Sewing machine
Scrap pieces of fabric at least 19cm wide
25mm binding tape 

The Steps 

1. Using the template, iron, measure and then cut the fabric into triangles, each bunting flag consists of two triangles.
2. Turning the 'right' sides in pin into place.
3. Sew along the longer sides.
3. Once you have made at least 16 flags, iron. Cut any excess fabric off.
 4. Turn right way round and iron again.
5. Fold and iron the binding tape in half. 
6. Position the 'raw' edge of the flags in between the binding tape, and pin into place.
7. Using the sewing machine, sew along the edge of the binding. This should 'sandwich' the flags in place.
8. Iron out any creases. 

And now you are done!


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