I Scream for Icecream

It's about 10 degrees here, but I still crave for the cold yummy goodness. Maybe it's because I'm dying in a hole of assignments and my family's have a massive smosh party? Yes I think so. However I'd like to go through some of my favourite ice cream flavours and their makers and this is in no particular order (and is subject to change).

  1. Rum Raisin by Royal Copenhagen. This stuff is sublime, never mind the alcohol content! It's rich and smooth and is heaven in your mouth. I also love you Royal Copenhagen gives you free dipping chocolate on your cone, toppings and infinite tasters. I love how they don't question you when you ask for a kids cone ever though you're way over the age of 12. On the down side, I've developed a taste for rum.  
  2. Mint Chocolate Chunk by Ben and Jerry's. MUST be Ben and Jerry's. If not, please count me out. It's so fudgy and minty and is a lovely colour. Lip smakingly good. But it MUST be Ben and Jerry's. MUST.
  3. Strawberry Cheesecake by Ben and Jerry's. I love strawberries and I love cheese cake and I love ice cream. Seriously, match made in foodie heaven. Only if it has strawberry chunks and cheesecake crumbles though. It looks like a fruit car crash but - authenticity man!
  4. Classic Vanilla by Connoisseur. If you can't go out to enjoy lovely, lovely ice cream then Connoisseur will do the trick. I've always been a vanilla gal so I think their vanilla is top notch. Non of the sickly sweet, ridiculously white stuff. There other flavours are quite nice too but the vanilla and I have been good friends, first acquainting over tears, the couch and a TV.... 
  5. Neapolitan Twist by Streets. Streets are good. So is the brand. Tastes pretty nomnomnom. Neapolitan is a classic. A quick fix in a hurry. Good sugary goodness. I can taste it already. 
This is my top five, I hope I've encouraged you to try out some new flavours and now I'm going to satisfy my craving!


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