Favourites Two!

Another favourites, don't mind it being late, I'm going to try and do this every Wednesday/Thursday - I'm not sure, but I'll try keep this up. I just really need to stop worrying about musical and starting to study math. Do I see this happening? 

Etsy Find: Crochet Gloves and Bowls
I am obsessed with gloves. I'm currently wearing a couple of cable knit finger-less gloves. Keeping my fingers toasty. So when I discovered these gloves I died. They are so pretty. Probably a bit impractical but lovely all the same. Find them here.

Now I'm a sucker for pretty table ware. It's like, it IS practical art. And combining ceramic with wood. Mmmmmmmmm. It would be a pain to kill, but would look amazing for food styling. Find it here.

I love vintage and thrift shopping, because to find hidden gems in piles of interesting goods. I also like online shopping. Why? Cause I can oggle at the goods. And that is just awesome. Here are two finds from the online vintage shop Wasteland

Denim back back with silver plated metal detailing.

Shakuhachi New York Cutout Dress. The name. Enough said.

Yup, that's about it. If you like these posts (to the non existent followers and readers that I have acquired) comment below and ciao!


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