Today, cause I'm so original

Sometimes I wish that everything would just go my way. Like I could get into the group I want, have the grades I want, know stuff, be cool like that. But just sometimes they just swing by. I'm not trying to say that I look at things in a negative light, it's just SOMETIMES I FEEL SAD. Not the boohoo sad, more like everything is going terrible sad - pit in stomach sad, feeling used sad. Cause after all I bet I am THE best carpet to rub your dirty feet on and no one cares. NOBODY.




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I am a girl, last time I checked. I love food, friends and family and sports that involve orange balls with lines with back boards. I'm arty and have a hate-hate relationship with math.
I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

I go to bed at 8 and like my sleep. ♥

Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching. - Randall G Leighton