As I lick my wounds from a less than serious basketball training (seriously why do I always get bashed up) I have officially slumped into a slump. 
When I get sad, I get hungry and temperamental. I don't know why. I just do. Recently, over the past few weeks my family's been through tough times and Mum not feeling to crash hot. There were arguments and tears, a few bruises and broken hearts and mushed up minds. Surprisingly I held it together well. No tears from me :D I kind of weathered it. Which is good. But I tend to bottle up quite a bit so I'm probably going to crack when I'm stressed and then I'll highly dislike myself with utter loathing. 
So life went up and down and up and down. Which is ok. Life does that. But I've just lost a bit of drive. There's a nice little 'to do' list hanging above my head...and it's getting longer and longer. And then sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed and face the world. eugh. Need to get out more. So while I'm being stepped on like a nice tasty looking mushroom I shall talk about this blog.  
Blogging is magical. It's like my diary that no one reads but it's so open. Ahhhhhhhhhh. But sometimes I wish people would read it. And give me advice. Advice would be nice. Or have someone check up on me now and again. Cause I'm such a twit. On the topic of twits, let me share a dilemma with you.

I recently got fb and cause I was depressed, I decided to stalk some of my old school "friends". Why the speech marks you may question? Because I didn't really have many. And for the ones I did have, they were a bit shallow. Apart from one. But that's another story. So like yeah. Should I friend them? People friend people left right and centre but for me it's a really big decision. To press or not to press. That is the question.  
Why do I care so much? I don't know. Whatever. They probably don't remember me anyway. Who gives should I just do it? Eugh. I give up.


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