Midlife Crisis

I used to laugh at all those midlife crisis jokes. Hell I even made some myself. How people start to lose it. People just don't lose things...right? 
But now I understand. I understand why. Why there's a huge spike in suicides when you hit 40+. Why there's a high rise in substance abuse, and alcohol as well. Why more and more families get a divorce, and don't wade it out. Why there are missing persons of all ages, not just melodramatic teenagers. 
Midlife crisis are not funny. And I know because I've been in one since the end of year 5. They're not cool, and not meant to be laughed at.

But no one told me about the affects of a midlife crisis. The people it affects. The families it destroys. How it affects children. How it messes with your mind, telling you your not good enough; tormenting your body, destroying your life patterns and binging; how it keeps you awake at night not letting you get to sleep as you untangle everyone else's problems in your mind like a never ending ball of string; how it destroys your protection as you shield the ears of the ones you love as you hear the harsh truths of reality. How it messes with your emotions, so you can't really explain or talk to anyone, cause - after all you aren't going through anything, you're just living in someone else's storm.

How in the end it will destroy part of you.
Midlife crisis, not half bad hey? 


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