ALOHA! Civilization! Dance everybody. Imma back in this town. BAM. BAM. BAM. Strut and pose. And shimmy. And shimmy. WOOT! As you may or may not have noticed, I am back blogging after like a month. Kidding, a fortnight. I'm a computer leech I know. I'm so badass. I just suck internet untill I need to sleep. 

A bit has happened over the two weeks. I've handed in assignments, FINISHED LORD OF THE FLIES! (the references just keep flowing), started Macbeth  Easter break, Easter show, which I must fill you in on before I forget, ugh. hanging out with JD. Actually not to much. OK. Fine. Whatever. If you want the fun stuff just skip to the end.

Where to start.

Easter break. I wish my family went to church. Sigh. My friend and I were talking about Easter etc etc and she was like "Oh, we sing, praise God, and stuff like that and we're a community, what do you do?". We're both Catholics right, well I'm a Catholic with terms and conditions, and normally Catholics are really strict. I hate church hopping but in order to find the right church you HAVE to church hop. Which kills the community factor. And all my other friends are Anglican and I'm leaning towards Anglican but I don't really want to just switch. I don't even have a bible for cheeseburgers sake! I just feel like a bad person. I am so going to hell.
Anyway onto more materialistic stuff. Easter show. First show bag EVER. Madison. "WHY?" I hear the world cry "You ain't no girly girl!". I like the bag OK. It fits my VA diary. So BAM. It was fun. Busy, but fun. I wish it wasn't so commercialized. AND I WANT TO LIVE IN THE WOOLWORTHS FOOD DOME. or the Aussie backyard. And I want that fish pond. And honey fairy floss is so yummy.   

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY... drum roll please...DUKE OF ED! Silver was so hard. I actually got back today. Don't worry I'm all clean and unsmelly. It wasn't that bad, although my shoulders kill and I hate canoes. And if they're Canadian, I'd like to smash them. Our leader Rachel the 'Cheshire cat/lamb' was a doll, though she was prone to mood swings and we worked really well as a team. AND THE GOUMET MEALS! OH LA LA. magnifico! Kay and I really lived up in style with our tuna pasta.

Here are some photos for your troubles.



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