Missing Persons

Yesterday I was reading my SIC notes and it came across to me about how many times I think about committing suicide. Like death, or disappearing or vanishing  A missing person. Who would come to my funeral  who would remember me. 

But reading all those messages - about organisation  selflessness, giving, mother, I realised that these are some of the reasons why I'm like this. If I wasn't needed I'd probably be long gone. I do these things for others so I can impact the lives of others. Which is good, cause they'll always be someone who needs help anywhere. 

So I'm not going to become a missing person.

I was told by a friend that I was one of the busiest people that she has ever met.I take this as a compliment, if I had reacted otherwise it would be stupid. I released that I'm desperate to strive for something. I must be come of God's most ugliest princesses. I realised that I've been put on earth by God to do something to improve his earthly kingdom. I can't die. Not yet.



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