Holidays and Christmases

Taxing Taxing Taxing.
Let me recap my holidays for you.

Wednesday was presentation day, where I received a purty trophy and a shield, that hasn't been updated for THREE WHOLE YEARS!!! Stupid Ms P. Then Nana, KChan, Mary and I went to visit an old friend in hospital. Naturally we bought her a banana, juice and a cucumber (secret Blue Lightning Remedies). We took heaps of pictures, laughed, mused, whispered and looked in awe as she walked for one of the very first time!!!

We got lost SO often, I was tired, had a headache and gross and sweaty, but it was worth it.

Thursday was a day of a massive sleep in, and shopping. 4 WHOLE HOURS of shopping! Bought everyone gifts and had very sore feet. Oh, I bought a dress, white, classic cut. 

I'm very picky when it comes to clothes. VERY PICKY. Saw so many NSGs. Chatties is like a pantry, rat ridden with them :D. I also bought a chiffon shirt with a studded collar, like the picture below but edgier. 

Shopping isn't that bad, but I don't like doing it often. Good things in small doses right?

Friday was the end of the world/zombie apocalypse one died, the Mayan theory was WRONG, not that I believed it but... and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

I have to share my room with my bro. DAYMN. Rellies coming over, everyone's stressing.

Saturday was MORE shopping, Christmas dinner and more stressing. Wrapping all the presents, none for me this year, I don't mind, I don't usually get much anyway. I should be helping mum, but I ain't. :D. Rellies coming over tomorrow. I CAN wait for Christmas!



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