First Day of School

First Day of School.
Today was a day of mixed feelings. Very mixed feelings. I lost my calculator. I got given a HUGE amount of homework, I felt tired and drained and such a loser. The day didn't start off that bad. It's just that I feel really stupid sometimes. And that sucks. It's not fair. But that's OK. Because I'll just try harder, keep moving forward, taking on new challenges. But sport. Seriously? I just want to play. Not be a little ballboy picking up the balls, my ass as a target. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather run cross country or something. D: I'm so unfit. And seriously? I'm not your slave. I refuse to get you coffee. Just talk to your little friend that you ditched me for and go home to your laptop. I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE. 
Why do people treat me like this? WHY?
And then you purposely go out of your way to make my life miserable. And then you expect me to be all nice. And they you're all clingy. And then your all like.... weird.
Makes NO sense what so ever.
I miss my friends.
Other news though: I wish I could help you Mish Mish, but I'm trying to bluff through my life :D
So tired 

That is all


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