Did I see a word starting with Q?

Do you think deeply? 

Can you forgive yourself for what you’ve done? 

What caused you to feel the worst you’ve ever felt? 
love yep. love

Have you ever screwed a relationship up on purpose? Why? 
yes, because that was the way it was

Have you ever betrayed a friend? 

Do you care if you have friends? 

If you always fight with a friend, are they really a true friend? 
denpends the circumstance 

What is true love anyway? 
I have no clue. haven't discovered it yet

Have you ever been hurt so bad you thought you would never recover? 
yes :D

How long is the longest time you’ve cried for? 
a week

Do you forgive people? 
yes I do

Why would you take a significant other back if they cheated?
I depends on the circumstance 

Can you remain faithful?
yes I can

What music do you listen to when you’re down? 
happy inspiring songs

Would the world be the same without music?

If we didn’t have music, what else would you do to feel better? 
exercise and food

Is your ‘safe place’ indoors or outdoors? 

Do you need to escape?

How often do you cry? 
often, not as often as you think, mostly by myself

How often are you angry? 
often, inside myself

Why do we do stupid things when we’re hurt?
because we cannot think logically

Are love ballads corny? 
yes.....maybe....ok no

Would you have make up sex after a fight?

Is sex recreational for you, or does it actually mean something? 

Do you envy the people who aren’t phased by cheating? 
not really

People who think abusive relationships are exciting; do you think they’re crazy or do you agree?
If they like it then what gives.

Would you be able to leave an abusive relationship? 
probs. depends who with.

Do you believe in ‘knights in shining armor’? 

Do fairy tales poison our thoughts on how a relationship should be?
some of them

If your significant other were cheating, would you want to know? 

Can you last in a relationship? 

Do relationships scare you? 
kind of

Do you believe in ‘happily ever after’? 

Would you follow ‘until death do you part’?


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