Yesterday Yesterday

I'm getting behind in this awesome-sauce. Sorry about that.

So while my other friends were hanging out in Botanica of Gardinia, I was haning with ma bestie! YAY! We caught up, chatted, played intense CADOO, ate dumplings, oggled at big brother, made a cubby house, ate food, watched dumb blonde girls and just had an awesome time. I stayed from 9 till 5 - A WHOLE WORKING DAY.
That made me happy :D

So after Friday I had to finish some Network Heaven Aprons. Mum got pissed. I went to sleep. THEN in the morning Mum got really mad, vented all her world suck onto my head and made me feel bad. Like anti-self worth and pro-mope. So I had a mental break down. In the car. Full off houses. In a cull-de-sac. And I cried. 
And cried. 
And shouted.
And yeah.

Then I went to Network Heaven packing and got dissed by the manager because SHE wasn't organised and I WAS. And that was bad. To make matters worse, instead of mum leaving she helped out for the first TWO WHOLE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least Fern and Jasmine were there.

I wrapped 160 prezzies, and 50 bars of soap. On my feet for 9 hours. GREAT.
Had dinner watched AVATAR to make me feel better and off to bed.

The End.

Sometimes I wonder about my life, like if I should just rebel and run away with the circus, or if I went to a different school, would things be different?

That is all



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